(Be wise and say thank You.)


The guest bloggers are invited to contribute to this dedication page. Followers may also contribute. Just leave a comment with your “grani”.



0. Gran tangi Anana Keduaman Keduampon fu a gron tapu disi, meki libi sma man gro kon miti Anana.

Many thanks to Anana Kedu-amen Kedu-atum for allowing this Earth to be the vessel we can use to grow up to meet You.





2 thoughts on “Grani

  1. Ally September 14, 2015 at 12:40 pm Reply

    Fa yu tan bigisma?
    Mi missi Allison de taki grantangi fu di yu poti na koni(Sranan Historia, Kulturu, Etc.) disi ini Ingrisi tongo, fu heri grontapu leysi!
    Mi na wan yongu uma fu Sranan kondre, a p’sa 2 yari kba di mi de proberi fu taki na tongo disi,
    a ekte Sranantongo. Witman bo taki “Ik ben in de leer!”.
    So nanga dati mi hoopu yu no luku na fasi fa mi skrifi tumsi fini… *lafu!!!*
    Weh, moro anga moro m’e breyti fu ler’ sabi mi historia, so leki mi kondre Sranan moro betre! Den sortu sani disi san yu de poti tapu internet, e yepi yongu wan so leki bigisma kisi na leti sabi, a winsi sonten wan dey sa kon tak den go fergiti, a sabi e tan lek dya, leki blaka inki na tapu witi papira! 🙂
    Mi sa keba gi now, noso m’o go skrifi tumsi, ghehehheeeh!!
    Nanga alla lespeki, mi de seni Gado Blessie gi yu!

    Gran Odi,
    A. Blom

  2. Dutch Guyana June 11, 2017 at 8:29 pm Reply

    1. No Grani. People walk this earth thinking they are the gods who created it. Instead a warning. Approaching writers to follow a deviant agenda is to no avail.

    Dutch Guyana serves goals as set out for this project long before anyone or any group knew this site existed. Thus, we are not aligned with any other group. (Any commercial activity that may come up, will be clearly expressed or shown as such.)

    Of course, donations without strings attached are still welcome.

    Project DG.

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