NAKS – Wilgo Baarn

Wilgo BaarnStonfutu Mr. Wilgo Baarn

By NAKS (Edited)

(Wilgo Baarn passed away July 7th 2017.)

Mr. Wilgo Baarn was born on the 15th of January in 1946 at Jossiekreek in the district of Saramacca. Being an Afro Surinamese boy, he grew up in a neighborhood of Javanese and Hindustani people.

He was a great artist who performed on the stage at a very young age, as participant of a family group that used to perform at birthday parties. The name of this group was ‘De Bidstondgroep’ (‘The prayer group’). When he was eleven years old, he moved with his family to the capital of Paramaribo where he used to live in the Rust en Vredestraat, near the Gemenelandsweg, one of the main roads near the city center. At that time, his sister Norine Baarn, and his late brother Elest, were already member of NAKS and the organization had its building at Gemenelandsweg.

At the time he was the youngest NAKS member at the age of fourteen. He also started to play soccer at NAKS. He played in the same team with the well-known soccer player Frits Purperhart. Finally, he quit because the organization did not organize a lot of youth activities. He joined the youth group ‘Oranje Jeugd’ (‘Orange Youth’, named after the Dutch Royal Family, which was an alternative for another group called ‘De Vrolijke Jeugd’ (Cheerful Youth)’, says Mr. Baarn. In this group he learned to play his first musical instrument.

‘Sometimes the neighbors would not sleep because of me playing the trumpet or the tuba.’

His music career started at ‘Peetje Monkou’ at Kalkbranderijstraat in the neighborhood Kofroru in Paramaribo. He got interested in playing kawina, a traditional music style of the Afro Surinamese, at NAKS. The late Johan Zebeda, one of the great kawina singers at that time became his ‘kawina guru’.

Also his talent as an actor got discovered by Mr. Drenthe, who nicknamed him ‘komediman’, and gave him supporting roles in his theater performances. Finally he started playing the leading parts and got more responsibilities, so he developed an interest for directing as well. Through on-the-job training, he learned a lot from directors like the late Eugene Drenthe, Hortwyn Cyrus, Henk Zoutendijk, Irwin Ormskerk and Henk Tjon. He also learned a lot during a nine months teaching practice in the 1990’s at the theater group ‘De Nieuw Amsterdam’ in the Netherlands, a multi-cultural theater group founded and directed by Rufus Collins.

Mr. Baarn participated in several NAKS theater productions traveling abroad. He also served as artistic director of the group from the 1990’s until 2014. He contributed to the foundation of the theater school, was chief committee member, and led numerous educational courses. He was also one of the co-founders of the ‘NAKS Volkshogeschool’, the institute for Afro-Surinamese cultural education at Lelydorp, a village in the district of Wanica. He was also the conductor of the Ala Kondre Dron Ensemble, a modern percussion group in which all ethnic groups and rhythms of Suriname are represented. The founder of this group was Henk Tjon.

Source: (Dutch Guyana is not familiar with NAKS, so direct any questions towards the source site.)


De Minister van Onderwijs, Wetenschap en Cultuur, directie, staf en personeel van het Directoraat Cultuur, geven met verslagenheid kennis van het overlijden van:

Wilgo Effio Baarn

op vrijdag 7 juli 2017, in de leeftijd van 71 jaar.


Aan de nabestaanden en de Organisatie NAKS, wordt veel sterkte toegewenst.




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  1. Dutch Guyana July 20, 2017 at 9:14 pm Reply

    Grootse begrafenis voor Ala Kondre man Wilgo Baarn

    Posted on July 19, 2017 by Admin_JKC

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    Als de Ala Kondre Dron grondlegger Wilgo Baarn weer tot leven had kunnen wekken, was dat gisteren zeker gebeurd. Begeleid door indringend geroffel van de kendang (Javaanse trom), enkele apinti’s, de klinkende grote Hindoestaanse taaza en de Inheemse sambura is de kist in het graf neergelaten. De samensmeltende tonen vormden de afsluiting van een waardige uitvaart voor deze groot cultuurman, die op 7 juli overleed.

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