Creole and Jews

Random List of Caribbean ‘Jews’

Here is an unverified list of some prominent Caribbean Jews, arranged by country of origin.

Antigua and Barbuda

Jamaica Kincaid, writer [?!]


Henny Eman, Prime Minister
Mike Eman, Prime Minister
Cantor Irving N. Spenadel led the Jewish community of Aruba on July 2002.


Puisne Judge Hector Barci, elected as highest office in Bermuda.


Ruth Behar, writer
Fabio Grobart, Communist Party co-founder
Olga Guillot, singer
José Miller, leader of the Cuban Jewish community
John Nunes, Jamaican Jewish distiller at Santiago founder of what is now Bacardi
Meyer Rosenbaum, Rabbi and spiritual leader
William Levy, actor


Mordechai Ricardo
George Maduro
Abram Mendes de Chumaceiro
Daniel De Leon, socialist leader
Rafael Martinez Cohen
Moises Martinez
Nick Ligthart, owner of the first banana plantation on the island; notorious for importing Ukrainian immigrant workers. Ashkenazi origin.

Dominican Republic

Oscar Haza, journalist
Dominican President Francisco Henríquez y Carvajal
His son Pedro Henríquez Ureña
Yehonatan Elazar-DeMota, rabbinic scholar and musician

French Guiana

Paulo Jacomo Pinto – also from Brazilian descents, allowed Jews to enter French Guiana by the way of the Dutch West India company.

Janet Jagan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaGuyana

Janet Jagan, née Rosenberg, president (1997–99)
Nikolo Kottarelli, luxury hotel tycoon


Amos Radian, Israel’s Dominican Republic-based ambassador to eastern Caribbean
David Ades, political writer for Le Nouvelliste
Daniel Kedar, businessman; co-founder of Prodev
Elisabeth Silvera, President of the Fondation Haiti Solidarite (FHS)
Eric André, actor, comedian, and television host
Gaston Michel, local tourism official
Gilbert Bigio, businessman billionaire of Syrian descent and Israeli honorary consul in Haiti
Kenneth Ades, financial service provider
Luis de Torres, one of the first Jews to settle on Haiti, and also Christopher Columbus’s interpreter
Reuven Bigio, founder of FAE (Fondation Appui à l’Education)
Fritz Mevs, business tycoon; founder of WIN Group
Monique Péan, fine jewelry designer
Robin Padberg, CEO of telecommunications company Voila in Haiti
Rudolph Dana, CEO of Transec SA
Sol, is a musician of Russian descent
Storm Portner, one of the first sugar cane producers in Haiti


Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records (Jewish mother)
Isaac Mendes Belisario, artist
Lewis Gordon, philosopher
Joshua Haim & Jacob Raphael DeCordova, founders of the Jamaica Gleaner
Sean Paul, singer (Sephardic Jewish grandfather)
Frank Silvera, actor, founder of Theatre of Being (Jewish father)
Louis Simpson, poet


David Gradis, one of the first Jews to start a trading business in Martinique.
Moises Cohen, another one of the first Jews to start a trading business in Martinique. (Sephardic Origin).
Harold Pinto, the Pinto family were ironsmiths and made a good living.


Joao Moises Benabides Dinis, (a/k/a Juan Dionis) spent his youth in Caribbean and one of the first Sephardic Jews into Charlottesville, VA. Founding member of Kahal Kadosh Beth Shalome, in Richmond, VA.

Puerto Rico

Alegría Hudes, Quiara – author, playwright. Wrote the book for Broadway’s musical In the Heights. Her play, Elliot, a Soldier’s Fugue, was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2007.[1]
Sandy Alomar, Sr. father was Jewish but an agnostic who allowed his children to be brought up as a Catholic
Anderson, Axel – actor/director, Anderson made his debut in Puerto Rican television with a sitcom named Qué Pareja a local version of I Love Lucy.
Blaine, David – magician, Blaine is also an endurance artist and Guinness Book of Records world record-holder.
Brugman, Mathias – was a leader in Puerto Rico’s independence revolution against Spain known as El Grito de Lares (Lares’ Cry).
Kaplan, Julio – Puerto Rican chess player and former world junior champion.
Katz Montiel, Marco – composer for Zoey’s Zoo and trombonist with Charlie Palmieri and Mon Rivera.
Leavitt, Raphy – composer, director and founder of “La Selecta”
Lehman, Manny – DJ and producer.
Levy, Hila – U.S. Air Force, in 2007 she became the first Puerto Rican Rhodes Scholar.
Meyers, Ari – actress, Best known for her role as Emma Jane McArdle in the Kate & Allie (1984) TV series.
Ostow, Micol – author of “Emily Goldberg Learns to Salsa” and “Mind Your Manners, Dick and Jane”.
Phoenix, Joaquin – actor, was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, Gladiator in 2000 and in 2005, he was nominated for the Best Actor Oscar, and won a Golden Globe in the same category in 2006 for his role as Johnny Cash in Walk the Line.
Rivera, Geraldo – journalist
Sally Jessy Raphael – syndicated talk show host
Seijo, Jorge – Puerto Rican radio and television personality
Starr, Brenda K. – salsa singer, her seventh album, Atrevete a Olvidarme, titled, “Tu Eres” earned her a nomination by the Billboard Latin Music Awards in 2006.
Snyder, Aaron Cecil – Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico
Tassler, Nina – President of CBS Entertainment.[2]
Ticotin, Rachel – actress, starred in Critical Condition, Where the Day Takes You Falling Down Total Recall and in Con Air, where she earned an ALMA Award for her role as prison guard Sally Bishop.
Ticotin, Sahaj – vocalist/guitarist from the Rock band Ra.[3]


Edgar Davids, footballer (Jewish mother)
Jacques Judah Lyons, rabbi
Pim de la Parra, film maker
Emile de la Fuenta, Founder of the swimmingpool ‘Parima’ in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname (FB:Celebration 375 yrs. Judaism in Suriname)

Trinidad and Tobago

Nathaniel Nathan, chief justice

US Virgin Islands

Gabriel Milan Governor of the Danish West Indies (U.S. Virgin Islands)
Judah Benjamin, US & Confederate politician
Ralph Moses Paiewonsky Businessman, Politician and Governor
Camille Pissarro, artist
David Levy Yulee, US politician

Source: Wikipedia




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