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Suriname: The Dictator Who Came in from the Cold - TIMEPolitical Parties in Suriname

Suriname gained independence from the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1975. Most of its political parties formed during the autonomy period (beginning in 1951) and were overwhelmingly based on ethnicity. Suriname has a multi-party system with numerous political parties, in which often no one party has a chance of gaining sole political power, thus parties must collaborate to form coalition governments.

Desi Bouterse was elected  President of Suriname on July 19, 2010. Bouterse was nominated as a candidate on behalf of the Mega Combination. The cooperation of the Mega Combination with A Combination of Ronnie Brunswick (7 seats) and Pertjajah Luhur of Paul Somohardjo (6 seats), yielded a total of 36 seats – two more than the requirement for direct election thirds majority in the National Assembly.

NB: After the election of President Bouterse of Suriname, his seat became available, Henk Ramnandanlal, vice president of the PALU, since July 20, 2010 won the seat giving PALU two seats in the National Assembly. 


Active Parties at a Glance

Mega Combinatie

NDP-topper ontkracht informatie over Abrahams | GFC NieuwsNational Democratic Party (Nationale Democratische Partij, NDP)
New Suriname (Nieuw Suriname, NS)
Progressive Workers’ and Farmers’ Union (Progressieve Arbeiders- en Landbouwersunie, PALU)
Party for National Unity and Solidarity (Kerukanan Tulodo Pranatan Ingit, KTPI)
New Front for Democracy and Development (Nieuwe Front voor Democratie en Ontwikkeling ... Jari na Grun Djari’ activiteit – Radio 10 Suriname – Magic FMNational Party of Suriname (Nationale Partij Suriname, NPS)
Progressive Reform Party (Vooruitstrevende Hervormingspartij, VHP)
Ontwikkeling Suriname op vleugels programmatische partijenDemocratic Alternative ’91 (Democratisch Alternatief ’91, DA’91)
Starnieuws - SPA benoemt team voor campagnevoeringSurinamese Labour Party (Surinaamse Partij van de Arbeid, SPA)
A Combinatie ABOP DNA-kandidaat Hira vermoedt politieke opzet bij schrappen van ... [Boschneger Party flag (?)]General Liberation and Development Party (Algemene Bevrijdings- en Ontwikkelingspartij, ABOP) 
Ingezonden: BEP 40 jaar, gefeliciteerdBrotherhood and Unity in Politics (Broederschap en Eenheid in de Politiek, BEP)
People’s Alliance for Progress (Volksalliantie Voor Vooruitgang) Democratic National Platform 2000 (Democratisch Nationaal Platform 2000, DNP 2000)
Basic Party for Renewal and Democracy (Basispartij voor Vernieuwing en Democratie, BVD)
Pertjajah Luhur (PL)
UOS-DOE Union of Progressive Surinamese (Unie van Progressieve Surinamers, UPS)
Politieke haatprogramma’s hebben wij niet nodigParty for Democracy and Development through Unity (Partij voor Democratie en Ontwikkeling door Eenheid, DOE)
Alternatief I (A1) RegisteredParties/OrganisationsDemocrats of the 21st Century (Democraten van de 21ste Eeuw, D21)
Suriname politics-related listsPolitical Wing of the FAL (Politieke Vleugel van de FAL, PVF)
Meeting Point 2000 (Trefpunt 2000, T2000)
Others Naya Kadan

Source: http://www.caribbeanelections .com/knowledge/parties/sr_parties/default.asp (Updated June 2017)




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