A Few Panji Colors

Ampuku Panji ClothColors In Panji Cloth

A Panji is a large piece of cloth, worn to cover the lower body of men, and the lower and/or upper body of women. It was worn during physical slavery to cover up the body, but after the formal abolishment of slavery, Surinamese wear the panji especially when dealing with celebrations or Winti rituals.

The panji are manufactured in different color combinations, and have different names, such as:
  • Aisa: white with blue stripes (Loko colors)
  • Fodu (Vodu): Jampanesi (Javanese) design
  • Ingi: red and white design (Saramacca Ingi also has yellow in the design)
  • Busi Ingi: pina-ede sarpoes (dark blue cloth with dots as small as a pinhead) or bleu-black sarpoes (a dark cloth without dots)
  • Ampuku: Blue-black with thin white stripes
  • Kantamasi: yellow and green
  • Adumankama: yellow and black

This is a Dutch Guyana translation of De Kleuren in [Panji] at http://mistiek.punt.nl/content/2008/03/de-kleuren-in-panji-s.




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