Introduction to Sranan Tongo Dictionary

Flag Suriname and USWortu Buku fu Sranan Tongo
Sranan Tongo – English Dictionary
SIL International, 2007
Editor John Wilner

Part 1

Part 2

 Pronunciation Guide
a [a] like the a in father
ai [ai] like the y in fly, or the uy in buy
aw [au] like the ou in ouch
b [b] as in baby
d [d] as in did
dy [dʒ] similar to the j in judge
e [e] as in the Spanish word este
[ə] in unstressed syllables; like the a in alone
ei [ei] [ey] like the ay in May or the ey in they
ew [eu] as in Dutch sneeuw
è [ɛ] like the short e in pet
èi [ɛi] similar to the Dutch diphthong in eiland
f [f] as in finger
g [g] as in go
h [h] as in hat
i [i] like the ee in beet
k [k] as in kind
l [l] like the l in lolipop
m [m] as in mommy
n [n] like the n in no
[m] at the end of a word before another word that begins with b or p
[ŋ] like the ng in sing before g or k, or at the end of a word before a pause
ng [ŋ] like the ng in singer
ny [nʸ] like the ny in canyon
o [o] unglided, as in the Spanish word poco
ò [ɔ] as in the Dutch word pot
oi [oi] like the oy in boy
ow [ou] similar to the long o in note
p [p] as in pepper
r [ř] a flapped r as in Spanish toro
s [s] as in sister
sy [ʃ] like the sh in shout
t [t] as in top
ty [tʃ] similar to the ch in cherry
u [u] like the oo in pool
ui [ui] as in gooey
w [w] as in water
y [y] as in yard




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