Suriname Food

Suriname Food

(Picture of Baka Bana – Suriname Food)

Suriname is a blending of cultures. Dutch slave plantations housing enslaved Africans, Indonesians and Indian coolies in servitude, and  other immigrants, who brought with them their ethnic food customs and recipes. They found or brought native seeds, and after harvesting the crops, reproduced their favorite food recipes.

This developed into Suriname’s traditional cooking of mixed heritage with a typical touch, resulting from a unique cultural blending of flavors for food in Suriname.

Suriname food is heterogeneous; the cuisine is born out of local tradition, so there is more than one way of cooking Suriname food. From the wide array, choose favorites from the Dutch and Jewish, AmerIndian, West African, Creole, Indian, Indonesian and Chinese cuisine and recipes.

Saoto soup | Suriname | Pinterest(Suriname Food – Saoto Soup)

When looking for Suriname food try: Nasi, Bami, Tjauw Min, Saoto soup, Baka Bana, Petjil, Bruine Bonen with rice, Cassava Soup, Okro Bravo. Suriname food is diverse and during your visit you will be able to taste another Suriname food everyday.

Suriname Food – Sate

Be aware that Suriname food can be hot and spicy. Let the waiter know that you cannot handle spicy food beforehand!

Suriname also has you standard “junk food” such as McDonald’s. There are also classy restaurants where the ambiance of wining and dining is preferable.

Source: http://www.surinametourism .net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=51&Itemid=57 (edited)




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