Winti Pantheons

Eagle AjaytaoWinti Pantheons

There are four Pantheons or groups of Winti (gods):

1. Gron Winti – The Earth pantheon with the Earth gods.
2. Watra Winti – The Water Pantheon with Water spirits (gods).
3. Busi Winti – The Forest Pantheon with the Forest (and Fire) Spirits (gods).
4. Tapu Winti – The Sky Pantheon with the Sky Gods.

Certain groups of Marrons take the realm of Death as a fifth pantheon.

Earth Pantheon

The Winti of the Earth pantheon are called Gron (goron = ground, earth) gado (gods).

The Gron Gado are:

Aisa. Also called Mama Aisa or Wanaisa. She is Mother Earth, and the mother of Africa (Mama fu Afrikan Kondre). She is the head of the Winti of the Earth pantheon.

Loko (the husband of Aisa; he lives in a Loko tree)
Leba (the god of the crossroads, in other African or diaspora religions known as Papa Legba or Eluegba)

Water Pantheon

This pantheon contains the spirits of the water, the Watra Wenu.

Watra Aisa or watra mama (known in other African or African-American religions as Mami Wata orYemaya)
Watra Ingi
Watra Kromanti

Forest Pantheon

Ampuku (or Apuku) is a lower god that can be in service of the higher Winti. Ampuku is usually seen as the messenger of the realm of the Winti, even more so as the personal servant of Aisa. An Ampuku can possess people (both men and women). He can also pass himself off as another Winti, as he possesses some of the knowledge of all other Winti. (Ampuku can also be a god of the Water Pantheon, known as Watra Ampuku.)

Busi Ingi

Sky Pantheon

This pantheon contains the Winti of the Sky (Air), the Tapu Kromanti.

Opete or Tata Ananka Yaw
Sofia Bada

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