Suriname Cuisine

Red Beans and Rice - SmulwebSuriname Cuisine

Suriname’s cuisine is considered one of the unique cuisines in South America. The main cuisine is creole, a mixture of African and Indian food. Suriname was colonized by the Dutch, carrying with them their own cooking techniques. The Dutch also brought in East Indian laborers who also contributed to modern day Surinam cuisine.

Usual ingredients

The common ingredients of Surinam dishes include exotic fruits and vegetables due to the tropical climate of the country, meat from the rainforest, and seafoods. Aside from these, tubers like cassava and potatoes, and grains like ricee, are also basic elements in Surinam cooking.

Popular dishes

The popular dishes available all over Suriname are rijst met bruine bonen (rice and red beans), pom (chicken dish made with tayer), griti bana supu (grated plantain soup), pastei (Creole style chicken pot pie), roti (grilled flatbread with curry chicken or lamb, and longstring beans), and dhal (lentil stew). Other dishes are baka bana (fried coated plantain with peanut sauce), and goedangan or petjil (mixed vegetable salad). Curry dishes and coconut desserts are also common.


Most drinks in Suriname are also harvested from nature. Traditionally served to tourists are fruit drink, juices and shakes made of pineapple, kiwi, apple, papaya, passion fruit (markusa/markoesa), dawet (coconut drink). There are also fruit combination drinks like orange-papaya, and pineapple-orange. Apart from fruit drinks, there are also vegetable drinks like ginger juice (ginga biri) or tea.

Source: http://www.communitrip .com/suriname/food.html (edited)




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